Our Story

We want you to look and feel good outside the gym. This means clothes that fit your athletic body, but do not compromise on style, materials or sartorial elegance.

PRC is an American apparel and lifestyle company dedicated to the athletic body.  We recognize that athlete’s bodies are built differently and we don’t think you should be wearing ill-fitting and frumpy clothes given all the hard work you are putting in at the gym.  The confidence that comes from working out should extend to all aspects of your life and you should be able to move seamlessly from one part to the next wearing our clothes.

At PRC, we believe in an active lifestyle.  We do CrossFit, we hunt, we fly fish, we hike, we camp, we swim, we surf, & we play sports.  We draw inspiration from the timelessness of Americana, whether it is clothing, colors, styles, or activities.  We take this timelessness and update it with a modern edge to deliver to todays modern athlete, a sophisticated, almost bespoke look.

Where We Started

PRC was founded in Norwalk, CT by Andre Parris who saw a need for the athletic community to have access to clothing with a more tailored, almost bespoke quality.  Andre knew that athletic bodies are sculpted differently and there were no sophisticated clothing options to wear when you are headed to the beach, to happy hour, or out on a date.  So PRC began with two of the most classic pieces: the boardshort and the polo shirt.

The Boardshort

Choosing your swimwear is the most important thing you can do when heading to the beach.  You want your trunks to be comfortable and stylish, while drying quickly so you can seamlessly move from the beach to happy hour to a night on the town.  A classic boardshort should really be a piece of all-purpose summer wear.  Our boardshorts are cut from a classic pattern, but designed to fit larger quads with a smaller waist.  These are a throwback to the days when men knew that good fit spoke volumes about who they were, they took pride in their appearance, and their sartorial edge turned all the right heads in all the right places from St. Tropez to Southern California to Ipanema.

The Classic Polo Shirt

There is nothing more classic, dare we say iconic, than the polo shirt.  And it pairs seamlessly with the boardshort.  It’s been worn by generations of sportsmen, dignitaries and the like.  We’re not really changing this icon, rather, we’re modernizing it for today’s modern athlete.  Our classic polo shirt is constructed for broad shoulders and large biceps, while tapering nicely to give a refined, sophisticated fit.  Nobody looks good when muscles are fighting clothes.  They should complement each other.


We’re going to back to a time in America where gentleman rocked out a more sophisticated and tailored look.  We design and craft our garments and apparel here in the good old USA.  It’s important to us to incorporate that ethos that defines being an American: freedom, honor, pride, perseverance, & quality.  We are deeply invested in building American jobs and continuing to try to do the best for our employees & our customers.  Another quintessentially American value is to strive to be the best.  With this in mind, in our Limited Edition store, we will partner with the best manufacturers of products, anywhere in the world, to deliver you the most interesting and highest caliber of lifestyle goods on the planet.


Andre is a CrossFitter and local entrepreneur in Norwalk, CT.  As a former NCAA Division One athlete and member of the US U-18 and U-20 National Teams in soccer, Andre has been training in one way or another for most of his life.  Andre has a background in new product creation and general business management and takes care of the day-to-day operations of PRC.  He is also an avid outdoorsman and likes smart-fitting clothes.

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